Easiest (and hardest) way to lose insane amounts of weight without ever having to diet or exercise!

No, this is not the newest fad diet.


And no, this is most certainly not the ONE WORKOUT THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST GAINS (for men) OR GIVE YOU THAT BODY THAT WILL MAKE HIM SCREAM IN DESIRE (for women.. and some men).

You don’t need to buy anything (at least not for now). All the home workout equipment, gym memberships and whatever is in your fridge now will do.But what I am about to reveal will help you transform your body, and in the process transform your life. It is super simple. What has this simple “trick” done for me?

1) Significant loss of body fat while increasing muscle mass.

2) A switch to healthier and more organic foods without much deliberate effort. It kind of just happened as a result.

3) Incredible increase in energy. I never drink coffee or energy drinks anymore. I am the most productive I have ever been and I get 6.5 -7 hours of sleep per night.

4) A peace of mind and body that I never knew was possible before. I am almost never anxious anymore and confidence in myself has grown 100 fold.

Now as the title of this post states, this is the simplest and simultaneously most difficult thing you could possibly do to achieve the body and life you want.

You ready for this???

Well, the secret is…

Chew your food. Chew your food thoroughly. Chew one bite at a time and don’t move on to the next one until you are fully finished chewing that one bite you’re on right now.

There are so many benefits to this simple change of behavior! Here are a couple of them;

1) Chew ing each bite and focusing on what you are eating allows more of the nutrients you are putting into your body to be unlocked rather than be wasted away in the digestive system. What does this mean? It means you will get fuller faster and get more bang for your buck (if you are eating actual buck, then pun definitely intended).

You will also be satisfied with what you are eating sooner because of the attention you are paying to each bite, allowing full savoring of the moment. So many people claim that they cannot stop eating this or that because they are enjoying it too much.. Well, I believe the opposite may be the case here. You keep eating the food because you HAVEN’T enjoyed it enough!

2) Chewing your food slowly and one bite at a time can turn into a meditation. Some people have trouble sitting quietly for extended period of time and that is OK. Meditation is simply focusing completely on what you are doing and bringing your mind back when it wanders. Eating food can and should be a meditative experience if you would like to gain as much energy from what you are eating as possible.

Focusing on your food can help still the mind and be the ultimate cure for stress and anxiety. It forces you into the present, and there are no problems at the present moment because all you have to worry about is enjoying the next delicious bite!

3)Fully focusing on every bite can be the first step to listening to the body’s infinite wisdom regarding what is good for you. Too often we disregard what our body is telling us with the cravings, feelings and pains it gives off. We tell ourselves we need to discipline ourselves and listen to Expert A or follow Health Diet B. We tell ourselves that if we just ate whatever our bodies wanted we would end up obese, depressed, full of disease, on the brink of a heart attack, having no friends, pregnant and wondering who the daddy was on the Maury Show.

Yes, you may initially eat some things that are “terrible for you”. But pay attention to what your eating, how you feel while you are eating, how you feel afterwards. Do you feel lighter? Do feel ready to take on the world? Or do you feel groggy, in a bad mood and ready to take on your pillow? The answer to these questions are your body’s subtle ways of telling you how it feels about certain foods.

After some practice, you’ll slowly find yourself making healthier choices with what you are eating… with no effort on your part. And that’s the beautiful part. There is no effort required!! The health and weight of your body will change drastically without the much over glorified discipline that people say is required for change!

So simple, right? But how long can you keep it up? How long can we maintain attention to what is going on right now, to what is happening inside your mouth? How long before your mind wanders off and you are already on to the next bite and then the meal is over?

I’d like to make a couple notes here about focusing on your food and fully chewing each bite. No, I don’t always eat what is best for me and no, I definitely do not focus on every bite I take. Especially when having a meal with friends or family or anyone you have to converse with out of desire  or social pressure; focusing on what you are eating can be quite cumbersome. That’s why this is a practice, when you notice your mind has drifted, just bring it back slowly to what you are eating or even just make sure you savor the flavor in that one instant. No need for great effort. All that is required is for you to enjoy your food!

Second note I’d like to make is that focusing on what I eat has led to a massive lifestyle and diet change for me. Most importantly though, I find myself more focused on the present than worrying about the past or the future. You cannot change one thing without it having a massive impact on the rest of your life.

Finally, I don’t cite a lot of research hereand I don’t feel that is necessary. Most of what I have written about here I have learned by reading Yoga Of Eating by Charles Eisenstein. The rest of the material is based on my own personal experience. If you are serious about seeing some serious change in your life seriously, then you need to pick up a copy Eisenstein’s book from Amazon.com, seriously.