Mahyar Hassid

Bio: I never really enjoy filling these out. I always try to make myself sound cool - like I am filling out a dating site application. Like those cheesy ones that completely contradict themselves - (Is super adventurous and loves making new experiences but also LOVES just staying at home and doing nothing). Anyway, read what I write if you'd like. That's the best way to understand who I am. Cheers

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  1. Hello! Doesn’t seem you’re too active on this anymore, though i hope you see it. Interestingly enough that’s exactly how my dating site profiles start! lol
    I read your Vipassana retreat article on HigherExistence, which led me to your Naked LSD experiences article. I have long wanted to have an acid trip just like that to explore the inner workings of myself. What’s a good place to start to ensure a good, well rounded experience? it seems you did it very precisely. And in my naivete i have to ask, how does one go about procuring such a product? I tried to locate a private way to PM you but was coming up short. My information shhould be attached to this comment. Great articles! both of them!

    1. Hi Jasprit,

      Sorry for the delay. I definitely can’t help you find any (you’ll have to ask around local sources) but in terms of the actual experience and preparation, remember the golden rules: Mind your set and setting.

      Set: how are you feeling? Are you feeling ready to be challenged and open to being knocked down? If not, then maybe step away. Also, witness and allow. That should be your mantra.

      Setting: Are you in an accommodating atmosphere? Do you have water, light food, comforting blankets and pillows handy? Are you with a friend or a guide you can trust? If not, then it is better to step away.

      There are several books that can help you be prepared. It’s going to be a journey and it isn’t always a smooth one.



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